4 Steps to Deal with the Grief of Losing a Kitty

4 Steps to Deal with the Grief of Losing a Kitty
Photo by Dimitar Dimitrov from Pexels

The grief of losing a kitty is often unexpected. The pain can hit us harder than we anticipate. While the experience of losing a pet is never easy, there is a way through your grief. Check out the 4 steps below to learn how you can help yourself and your loved ones process and move on from the grief of pet loss.


Talk to a Friend

As simple as it may sound, talking to a friend or trusted confidante can help you deal with the pain of losing your cat. Naming your feelings and expressing them is a very cathartic process. Simply put, holding your pain inside does not allow you the chance to fully grieve. Let it out.

On that same note, allowing yourself the time to process your emotions and then letting them out can be extremely enlightening and freeing. If you can find a friend or loved one with whom you can share your grief, we wholly recommend that you do. Often, we find companionship from people who can empathize with our situation. You may be surprised to find that others in your life have dealt with similar losses. They often can lend a sympathetic ear to help you through.


Seek Support or Counseling

If you can’t find a friend to listen, or if you’ve shared your grief but are still finding it hard to process, you may want to consider seeking out a support group or counseling.

There are many support groups online for people whose cats have passed on, and it may do you well to speak with others who have been in your shoes. These groups are often very active, and one of the most well-known resources among them is the Association for Pet Loss & Bereavement. This organization can help connect you to pet loss support resources galore.

Counselors that specialize in pet loss may also be useful to you during your grieving process. Counselors that specialize in this field are on the rise. You may find that speaking to someone one-on-one helps provide you the most comfort.


Memorialize Your Cat’s Life

A funeral service or memorial item may also be a great way to process the grief of losing a kitty. Funeral services for animals can be personal and simple. It may be worthwhile to check in with your veterinarian or cremation service provider to see if they offer any funeral services.

Memorial items like cremation jewelry or urns may also be a great source of comfort. Our store offers a wide array of jewelry, urns, gravestones, keepsakes and more that you may help you pay tribute to your kitty.


Find New Routines

Cats are part of our everyday lives. And when they are gone, it may be helpful to adjust your routine. Whether this means a new way to relieve stress, like through exercise or meditation, finding new activities to fill your time will be best for your mental health.

Some find that working with animals at shelters or rescues brings them joy. Others find this experience too painful. Experiment with new activities so that you can find what brings you joy.


Overall, the pain of losing a cat is unlike any other. You have to find what works best for you to move through your grief. Regardless, always know you are not alone.


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