How To Write an Obituary for Your Cat

how to write an obituary for your cat kitty memorial

Although you may not think it, writing an obituary for your cat may be one of the most important steps in the grieving process. The passing of a beloved cat may take you and your loved ones by surprise. The death of our furry friends may elicit grief similar to what we experience when our human companions pass.

Appropriately grieving this intense experience is essential, and writing an obituary can help you move on. Memorializing the life of your pet is a healthy and critical part of the grieving process. However, many people struggle when tasked with writing an obituary.

We’re here to guide you through the obituary writing process. It’s more simple than you think, and in our experience, it can be extremely cathartic.

1 – Start With Basic Information

To start an obituary, include everything from your cat’s full name, date of birth, date of death, and the breed or color of your kitty. These basic details will help jumpstart your writing. They will also inform readers of the obituary of your cat’s background and provide context for their life.

2 – Share How You and Your Cat Met

Not all origin stories are the same. Perhaps your cat was a rescue whom you took home from a shelter. Maybe they were a gift from a loved one. Perhaps you found your kitty on the side of the road and brought them into your home. Whatever the origin point, the start of your relationship with your cat is paramount to telling their life story.

3 – Talk About Your Cat’s Family & Friends

Often, our cat shares a special relationship with many members of our households or inner circles. Honor these relationships by talking about them in your cat’s obituary. Your loved ones will appreciate you acknowledging their relationship with your cat. At the same time, you will be able to reflect on the special bonds and deep relationships your cat had on this earth, and you’ll know they were loved by many.

4 – Explain What Made Your Cat Unique

Each cat in our lives is unique, and sharing those individual qualities with the world is what will help their memory live on through time. Whether your cat had a special meowl at mealtime, a colored spot on his tummy, or a funny reaction to you opening the refrigerator, share these qualities with the world. Your readers will want to know about these quirks, and you will want to look back on them with fondness.

5 – Share Specific Memories

Sharing personal and specific memories about your kitty will further illustrate the beautiful life they lived. Perhaps you traveled together on a road trip. Maybe you had a funny visit to the veterinary clinic. Or maybe your feline friend even had a prankster streak in her blood. Whatever the story, write it down and share it in your obituary.

6 – Close With Love

Wrapping up an obituary may be one of the toughest parts of the writing process. We find it helpful to list out those by whom your cast is survived and mention any memorial service details or recommended donation organizations. 

Losing a cat is a painful process, and we hope you always remember that you are not alone in your grief. We welcome you to submit your obituary for your feline friend to our site to pay tribute to their memory.

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